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Child of the Sea - Chapter 25 - Meet William
I frowned and rubbed a hand across my cold face as I woke up for the second time that day. I felt as if someone was pressing my head down against cold wet grass due to a pulsing headache, my body screaming in lack of any will to move. It did not take me long to grasp the fact that I had the ale from Rob and Fenrirs little drinking party yesterday to blame for this awful way to greet the morning sun, which now burned in my sore tired eyes. Even as they were only partly open as I peered up into the blue blurry sky. I was clearly no longer intoxicated, but had passed into the state known a  “hung over”…
“So thats what it feels like… No wonder people are slow the morning after… It feels awful.” I concluded as I felt a burning sensation in my throat. Causing me to turn to the side in order to not choke.
Goosebumps traced my arms. I moaned and pulled my legs up for warmth, but as I stopped my complains, the sound still lingered. Slowly growing i
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Child of the Sea - Chapter 24 - Unthoughtful
It was not anger which masked the face of the child's father, neither was it purely fear. It was the face of a pleading, wary man, yet one who put up the facade of determination as he held his ground even as he had been discovered. Looking William dead in the eye from down there without even as much as flinching as their eyes met.
Williams mind was nothing but blank. He knew that he was the one responsible, but how could he fix what was broken. The man did not look as if he had much of an ear for apologies at the moment. But even if he had been, William was not much of a talent at speeches. Well known by now.
He lowered his hands with great care, as he finally felt the tiny nestling switch her position in the middle of his palms. Drawing back his attention to her, away from the waiting parent standing in the grass just some few feets away. As his eyes locked with the almond ones, sorrow for his action forced him too face the ground instead.  She was literally the size of his pinky
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Child of the Sea - Chapter 23 - Sheets
The village was not far ahead from where William was at the moment. It had taken him quite a while to get back there and he was surprised at the fact that he had not caught up to Micah before getting so close. It would have been for the best if he did. That would surely have saved him, and the tiny people, a lot of trouble. But he had to remind himself that walking to quickly in the forest could also present a danger to them if he did not know Micahs and the others exact location down there in between the threes. He just had to accept the fact that he would have to solve the issue as things unfolded. If he could not reach them before getting to the village, then he would just have to be quiet about it and search for Micah anyway. It was not as if the people presented much of a threat for as much as he knew even though he truly wanted to avoid any type of conflict…
“Just have to find” His thought rang as he continued to walk. Feeling how nervousness grew within at the
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Listen :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 10 1
Child of the Sea - Chapter 22 - Run
Fenrir carried me in a really secure way, I had to admit. On some terms I would say that it was a little embarrassing...  Arms holding me up against him as he and Rob made their way through the surprisingly sparse forest. But I avoided to dig into my position more than necessary. I knew that he did it so that he could keep up with Rob, but a piece of my mind could not deny the fact that he seemed to be calmed by keeping me close like this.
I was still a bit light headed, not feeling totally fine to be honest, but the rocking movements were almost wagging me back to sleep more than sickening me. The rocking movement as he moved were a little bit to settling for my taste. However, I was not in the mood for embracing my sleep. For every step they took, I was taken further and further away from William. I closed my eyes and listened, as I let my voice out.
“No! shush! You don´t know what you are doing Micah.” Rob hissed the same instant as I s
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Lost and found
This is the intro of a g/t RP!
I was trying my best to find my way through the dence celp. But as I looked around me, I did not seem to find my way out of where I was… The brown forest went on as far as I could see, and soon I needed to pay a visit to the surface again to breathe.
I hid behind one of the leaves as a larger fish apeared before me. Trying to stay as still as possible and rely on my camoflage as it passed. But I was not really in the right place to fade into the soroundings… I belonged at the reef. A given to my striped tail and colourfull spotts. So, as the silvered fish spotted me, I aimed for the surface. I had to rely on speed instead.
The fish lost interest as I hurried up towards the light. Lucky for me! But as I turned to look in the direction I was heading, my quick stride emediatly came to an end. Paniking in lack of air, I found myself held down by some transparent strings. Loosing some precous bubbles as I struggled. I was stuck in a s
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Wolf :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 6 7 Morelia Viridis :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 1 3
Mature content
Tell me how - prologue :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 5 4
Mature content
Child of the Sea - Chapter 21 - Dream :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 10 11
Lineart - Micah :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 31 12 Safety :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 59 29


Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood - 1
“Bowman, wake up!”  The voice pulled me out of my dreams abruptly, dragging me out of sleep with an iron grip.  “It’s morning!”  I blinked bright green eyes before squinting at the vague shape standing next to my bed.  At first, the only indication I gave her that I had heard was a disgruntled groan.  As the young girl came into focus, I saw that she had her hands placed on her hips, her mouth set with determination.  She wasn't about to be scared off.
“Whaaaa’?” I mumbled, barely able to keep my eyes open.  “Go ‘way.  Sleep.”  I didn't wait for her reply before promptly turning over and pulling my thin blanket over my head, hiding my mess of dark green hair from her view.
I heard her stomp a little foot.  “But Bowmaaaan!  Sleepyhead boy!” she whined.  I could no longer ignore her when she insistently began shaking my shoulder.  “Mama says
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A Little More Trust Cpt. 1
Control. To Colfax, it was a precious commodity. Control over his environment, control over his resources, control over every single pattern of his life. He often told himself that in many cases, being in control of his situation was more important than anything else. It tended to make him a cold, calculating person, and the solitary life of a viri suited him to a T.
Colfax heard the signs of the second wave of morning classes getting out. That meant that the halls of the university building would soon be filling with college students. He sighed and glanced at the door of the supply closet. He'd restocked his bag with new safety pins, some string, and some cotton. He stood up and walked to the edge of the shelf, where his grappling line fashioned out of a large safety pin and some twine was still hooked into the plastic.
No one ever came into the supply closet during the day, but it was always better to be safe than sorry. Colfax quickly made his way to the floor, ready to hide
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Nymph- Chapter 1
The House
The weasel was closing in. He could smell his victory over his prey soon approaching. She was tiring, and he was still strong.
Phaedra hadn't run so hard in her life. She had no idea where she was running, which was the most terrifying thing about it. Would she ever reach the end of this sea of tall grass? She was glad, at least, that the grass wasn't so thick that she couldn't run full out.
Phaedra's legs were burning, her heart screaming in her chest. She could hear the monster behind her, writhing through the grass like a shadow. All it would take was for Phaedra to make one mistake, one false step, and she would be dead. The grass and sticks and dirt flew away behind her. Jump over a stone, duck under a weed, twist around a grass stalk, dodge a piece of wood. Her vision was beginning to speckle with dark spots, her head beginning to throb. She tried to not notice, instead focusing on the world whooshing past, blurring into indiscernible shapes and colors.
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Misplaced: Chapter 1 Part 1
The End of Normalcy
Jonah Michaels really hated Economics. Almost as much as he hated Statistics. 
But alas, both were requirements for his major, and therefore, unavoidable. He began to wish he had taken the AP courses while he was in high school instead of learning them in a broad classroom where the monotonous voice of Dr. Weiss began to seem more like a dull, rythmless lullaby than an actual lecture. The properties of Supply and Demand were a concept everyone with a working brain and who went through high school already grasped long ago; the redundancy of it all served more of an annoyance than anything else. He thought he was done with math when he took Calculus in the twelfth grade. But apparently, Math wasn't done with him, as the curriculum seemed to have deduced. 
Fortunately, he had a couple minutes until he could finally break away from his studies, meet with his girlfriend, and spend his weekend sleeping. It had been a long semester, and
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Pumpernickel Magic: Day 1-Dimension Hopping Pt.1
He remembered those last thirteen minutes with the utmost clarity than he had remembered anything that happened in his life with such accuracy. 
The energy drink had finally wore off and he felt the after-effects of it full force. 
He felt his eyes droop and then loudly yawned, swiveling in his chair behind the counter. The motion didn't help him wake up at all, as he propped his arms up on the counter, resting his head on them as he sullenly looked out the window. The sun was setting, painting the sky several hues of orange, violet and pink. The ground was still wet from the afternoon rain, and he could hear the constant dripping from the old, drainage pipe outside. 
He hated Tuesdays. 
Mondays were the worse, but Tuesdays, for some reason tended to feel worse, as weird as it sounded. 
Probably because at least everyone hated Mondays, so no one expected much. They signaled the beginning of a work week. They had meaning. Tuesdays were just awkward though
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Wander || Chapter 1
"God…" Jude sucked in air sharply.
He ran a hand through his short golden brown hair and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the pain. His arm was killing him. He had mentally bashed himself for three days now- for reaching for the wrong rock in climbing the mountain face. The jagged rock left a nasty gash in his arm. He had bandaged it up to the best of his abilities, but his job involved camping out in the deep of woods many a night, and the lack of proper sanitation was taking its toll. When the sun began to sink in the sky, he removed his camouflage and started a small fire. Leaning back against a sequoia, Jude unraveled the dirty strip of bandage and groaned.
"Oh that is definitely infected..."
For many, life on the road sucked complete and utter ass. And Penelope was no different in that opinion. Pen liked warm beds with roaring hearths crackling with fragrant alpine logs that smelled of heavy wood and sap and moss. She liked her warm, woolen blanket, a thick piece she'
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Ro and Nathan 1
The college cafeteria was nearly empty, only a few students still loitering over their meals to avoid the inevitable studying that marked the end of the school year. Many of them talked about the dreaded finals, but a few were already discussing their plans for the summer. Each group seemed lost in their own discussions, oblivious to the low level of noise created by the other conversations. This was particularly true for a duo of young men sitting across from each other at a small table. They were second years and almost brothers despite their vastly different appearances. The shorter of the two appeared to be of Pacific Islander descent with perpetually tan skin, dark hair, and dark, slanted eyes. The other, though, was pure Caucasian. His longer, dark blonde hair had the barest hint of a wave, and his eyes were a deep, luscious blue. Whereas his shorter companion stood a mere 5’3”, the blonde was an even six feet and built like a basketball player. The other, however, wa
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The Giant and the Zookeeper - Chapter 1
Amelia had done it.
She walked shakily up to the podium in the large hall filled with people.
Her silk gown kept slipping off her shoulders and her hat tipped too far forward down her head but she didn't care.
She had finally graduated as a certified Zoologist. She shook the hand of the man whose name she'd forgotten and grasped the document he handed her in a shaky fist.
He gave her a well practice smile and she looked out into the crowed, not even being able to see her family because of the bright lights shining at her and all the cameras began to flash rapidly.
"Miss Amelia Thompson!" The man said proudly and that was her cue to walk down the other side of the stage.
She looked down as her heels clinked along the steps and her brain went along a million miles an hour, but one voice was clear.
"Time to get a job" rang in her ears.
Amelia spent months after her graduation trying to get a job at the right zoo, but she could never settle. She worked all over the state in diff
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Gotcha, Little Guy! (Part 3)
Babysitting-wise, this wasn’t David’s first rodeo. He’d watched kids for friends and neighbors in the past, so he was prepared to go through a few obligatory rituals: He talked about safety, about how the boys’ mother expected them to behave, and then he submitted himself to a short tour of the house before sitting down and discussing what the kids could do during his visit.
Of course, all of this was done from the surreal vantage point of being snatched up and passed between squeezes from tree-trunk-like fingers on an extended roller coaster ride around rooms bigger than airplane hangars during a barrage of questions and loud, hyperactive conversation. At least Cade had asked politely before picking him up and starting the ordeal. Conor was a little less polite when he would leave David out of the decision making while whining at his brother to “give him a turn.”
In a span of the first 45-or-so minutes — the most nerve-wracking 45 minutes of D
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A New Start 6
Oliver rolled his eyes at her pouting as he instinctively started to stand up. Looking at her tiny form on the ground, he crouched back down and ran his fingers through his shaggy brown locks. “So uh, how should we do this?”
Nora’s light green eyes glanced into his, but were quickly diverted to the ground. "You know what-" She bit her lip in hesitation, “I want you to carry me. I mean if it's not too much trouble of course.” A playful smile covered her face. 
Oliver blinked a few times, surprised by the fact that she would even consider this. “Uh okay, are you sure? I don’t want to scare you or anything.” He bit his lip out of concern.
Nora gave a slight nod. “That’s the point, I don’t want to be afraid of you- or anyone for that matter. I just want it to be like before. That’s why I need to do this.” She sucked in a deep breath, “So pick me up.” 
Oliver, still crouched, tentatively reac
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Fearless: Chapter Five
Evric had just switched the lights off and turned the TV on with a low volume when he heard the turn of the front doorknob. Knowing that his mom would probably have something to say as soon as she entered, he ran to the entry way and opened the door for her, whispering loudly.
“Hey, try not to wake Ellie up,” he articulated, grabbing the huge paper sacks that his mother was carrying. The brown-haired woman looked at him in confusion but stayed quiet, handing off the groceries to her much taller son and following him to the kitchen table.
“Ellie?” She spoke with care. “Do you have a girlfriend or something?”
“No, mom,” Evric felt his cheeks burning – did he have a crush on a human...? “She’s just a friend from school. She needs a place to stay for the night and she fell asleep on the couch.”
Already, his mom was peeking across the hall from doorway to doorway, eyes on the sofa. “Is she in the bathroom?”
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Holding Collette: Chapter Three
Holding Collette:  Chapter Three
Several weeks went by and the two continued to text back and forth.  Dallas was nervous that by admitting he was lonely that the stranger would stop talking to him, but the following morning his heart was set at ease as he turned on his phone to see if Collette had texted him back.
I’m lonely too.  So much that I bet you couldn’t even understand.
He wanted to sing.  This girl…she hadn’t laughed at him or told him to cheer up.  For weeks, even days after his mother had passed so many of his friends had told him to get over it or understand that death is simply another part of life.  Like he didn’t know that.  But it was one thing to preach and listen, it was quite another to go through such a hardship.  Collette’s answer had pleasantly surprised him, and even his father had asked him, “what the hell are you smiling about?” when he saw him a few days later.
It was ama
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Overprotective Sixteen
As the diner continued to fill, I grew more and more restless.  I knew that Cohawk was a bit of a walk for a giant, but it felt like I had been waiting forever.  Viv kept an eye on me as best she could, but as the hostess of the diner, she had to leave me once in awhile.  I couldn't help but steal looks over towards the top of Luke's blond head.  I wished he wasn't such a jerk.  Maybe waiting with him would have been better than waiting at the front of a busy diner for giants.
“Come on, Ronan,” I muttered.
“Is he your boyfriend?”
I glanced up at Viv who was smiling as she reorganized the menus.  “Huh?”
“The one you're waiting for.  Is he your boyfriend?”
“He's a giant,” I said matter-of-factly.
She nodded.  “Oh yeah!” She giggled.  “I forgot.  Of course he's not.”  She turned back to the menus, ignoring my reddened face.
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Chapter 13 - Nathan
Chapter 13 – Nathan
I watched the kids swarm around my Nikes with a smile. My right foot was resting on its side and the kids were using it as a small climbing wall. On the left, Kiddo had enticed a few others to help him try to figure out how to untie it. The two or three not climbing or looking at my shoelaces were examining the logo on my shoes. It was like they couldn’t get over the texture as they ran their tiny hands over it. A triumphant crow from the top of my left shoe drew my attention back to Kiddo and friends as they pulled my shoelace, untying it. I chuckled as one of the loops shrank a little from the kids’ efforts. What really got me was that it was taking four of them to do what I could with one hand.
“You don’t mind them doing that?” Bar-keht asked, walking closer and motioning to the kids untying my shoe. They was a kind of cautious wonder on his face.  
“I not mind,” I assured him with a grin. “Easy do
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Mindfull of you
Nice thing to draw in this way, not having a plan on the outcome. The drawing becomes more personal in a way I think 
This is what happens when my brain just goes with the flow with no plan what so ever x,D "What did you draw?" No idea! 
Today's words of wisdom: do not let piercings to be out for long. It hurts to put them back again! I litterly made new snakebites on myself today I think I've fainted. 
I have to be honest and say that I did not come up with this idea on my own, but it was so cute so I could not resist to give it a try! But still, it seems as if drawing manga is comming easier to me than earlier. I have some trouble with finding ideas for what to draw, but once I do, I can feel once I draw that I´m improving somewhat Meow :3 

I picture this as Micah btw, and finally I ended up pleased with his face I am a dummy! small victory for me! 
I frowned and rubbed a hand across my cold face as I woke up for the second time that day. I felt as if someone was pressing my head down against cold wet grass due to a pulsing headache, my body screaming in lack of any will to move. It did not take me long to grasp the fact that I had the ale from Rob and Fenrirs little drinking party yesterday to blame for this awful way to greet the morning sun, which now burned in my sore tired eyes. Even as they were only partly open as I peered up into the blue blurry sky. I was clearly no longer intoxicated, but had passed into the state known a  “hung over”…

“So thats what it feels like… No wonder people are slow the morning after… It feels awful.” I concluded as I felt a burning sensation in my throat. Causing me to turn to the side in order to not choke.

Goosebumps traced my arms. I moaned and pulled my legs up for warmth, but as I stopped my complains, the sound still lingered. Slowly growing in intensity, separable by the ever fading whistling sound in my ears.

With great effort, I managed to get up into a sitting position, still feeling my sore eyes unwilling to open up fully. But the sounds around me became all to alarming for me to simply ignore. In my confused state, I could no longer give in to the weight which wanted me to lay back down again, as a heart piercing scream could be heard amongst a rumbling growls, originating from something much higher, something that was moving around in an alarmingly unpredictable way in my area. Causing the ground to move as it did, It was hard to place the exact location. It seemed to come from every direction.

My pulse was rapidly increasing, and I cried out as I tried to look up through the damp bangs. I could only identify my own tears from the dew by their warmth as my eyes met with Rob's, terrified eyes, submerged by a large shadow. He reached out for me, sprinting and tripping on all fours as he tried to save himself. Large fingers clawed flumes into the ground as they dug their way down and around his crawling, trembling body. Rob reached out but could not get any further. His breath suddenly being taken by the ever growing force which the large hand presented around his chest as the hand closed his on him. Fingers soon digging deep into his ribcage and forcing his air to escape in a horrifyingly helpless whimper. A sound that no one ever could imagine a human being being able to form.

Only a second passed until Rob was gone. Enveloped by a tightly formed fist, lifted high up in the air. My eyes followed the movement, only briefly alarmed by the sudden impact of jet another gigantic hand right next to me.

As the fist somewhere up there came to a halt, it unfolded, maneuvering Robs seemingly inferior body so that he was hanging by the legs in a disrespectfully loose grip, hysterically swinging his arms back and forth in pure panic and lack of support. Even so, not a single word could be heard from him, not a single sound. It seemed as if he was still short on air, and all too dazed by the rough handling at the moment for being able to plead for what seemed to be his own life.

I saw him getting up even higher in the air as he hung by his legs, now hoisted up over a widely open maw. Large k9 teeth being clearly visible as from some sort of carnivorous animal, growling from its chest and up in between its teeth in a way which from the creature's point of view could only be described as pleasurous. Whatever was at stake, the upper hand surely was radiating out of the joy which it seemed to obtain out of this sadistic act. It wanted this. It wanted him dead.

I reached up and, as if it would change anything, screamed my lungs out as I finally understood what was at stake. A huge mistake was to be done. A horrifyingly huge mistake, by the creature I had just recently swore to never fear again. If he was still in there, which I truly needed him to be, I hoped for all my heart that he would hear me. For whatever reason Williams mind had gone blank, what was about to happen could never be reversed.

An angry roar filled the air, and I instantly got up too my feet and began screaming his name, with my hoarse yet surprisingly loud voice. Again and again, I screamed his name, until my weak, shaken legs made me fall back again onto my knees. Dropping my arms in resignation.

“Don't… please, just don't… please William. Don't…” I heard myself whimper. Trembling like a leaf as I did not dare to look up. I could not watch this. I would never be able to forget the sight which would soon be carved into my memories. Instead, my eyes got fixed at the large hand which sharp nails, forced their way down into the dirt, were having every fibre visible due to the tense muscles beneath the rough skin. The nails were almost comparable with claws from  some animal, which felt even more alarming as I could not recall anything of its like than the William I had seen up until now. The kind and loveable William which in his own way always seemed to bring joy to me, was it really him?

My whimpers were soon enough the only sound I could register.

Everything around me seemed to fade away at the moment, but it was not due to loss of awareness from my side. I was done with missing out on things at this point. All the screaming, all the rumbling horrifyingly loud roars had suddenly died out. But as they did, my state got even worse. The fact that I could no longer hear screams, however much the voice of a dying human being ripped one's soul apart, the sound of the complete silence that followed was even worse.

The sound of silence. The true heartbreaker in this situation.

My breaths grew more rapidly as they picked up speed, as adrenaline pulsed within my veins in an alarming concentration. What had he done? Why? Why did this happen?

“Just WHY THE HELL DID YOU EAT HIM!?!” I heard myself scream. “HE WAS MY FRIEND! A FRIEND WILLIAM!” I coughed and then grew silent yet again, giving in to my tears that now streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably.

“Micah…” I heard him say, almost as with a whisper. “Micah… I... “

He sounded awfully much like the William I knew, speaking my name with a soft voice which usually gave me shivers of excitement. But now, it sent a rush of iciness crawling upon my back. The voice from a person which at the moment felt further away than ever before.

A small thud suddenly got my attention. The limp body of a friend I once knew was carefully disposed down onto the uncut grass. The man looked at me, like some surrendered fawn which did not dare to move. He was alive. He breathed.

Williams hand placed him down into the grass in a swift, caring motion, by his standards, but let his hand linger in the air next to him. Seemingly unsure of what to do next.

Robs breathing was even and for most of it, he seemed to be as okey as one could be after barely escaping death. Still intact and aware it seemed, but totally fixed in his chocked state. He did not utter a single word. He just stared at me, and beyond. In fact it seemed as he did not focus on anything at all as I eventually realised that his eyes did not follow mine.

I sat there, focusing on the gigantic hand before me and honestly, I did not know what to make out of it. Was I expected to say something? Answer him? Clearly Rob was still alive, but his actions did not make any sense to me at the moment.

It took a moment to put the pieces together, and when I finally had thought through the situation, it actually did not seem as far fetched as earlier. William had lost me to strangers. He wanted me back. I was probably motionless as he found me, and then who were to blame? Well Rob perhaps, or Fenrir. But I did not see Fenrir at the moment, causing my heart to race again. But as I pushed the thought away, it was still troublesome to my mind to puzzle together why he had gone far enough to be ready to kill Rob. But then again I did not know what had happened. Up until now, Williams experience with humans had not been much to brag about, I of all people knew. So maybe this was as expected after all. I had not known him long enough to draw any clear conclusions on why certain things happened the way they did. But in the back of my mind I heard my own voice tell me to stop crawling in deeper into my mental state of trying to settle on why. Whether or not other humans had to fear William, I knew those rules did not apply to me. I knew that.


I let my eyes wander up to its source after a few sniffles. Slowly but surely my eyes were getting closer to his and I must tell you, few times could I recall of ever feeling as tiny and inferior as I did just at that moment. But at the same time, my chest pulsed with something entirely different. I knew this creature. I knew William, only I. And only I could make him drop something which seemed to be so deeply routed into his mind as the past action seemed to be. Me, a scrawny young adult with nothing to offer,  had this creature almost as wrapped around my little finger.

It was hard to clearly understand how high up his face was, distance wise. But I met with his chin when I was almost looking straight up above me. He hung over my position and shielding off my surroundings.

As if drawn in by chere force, my eyes locked with his. Those sky blue wonderfull eyes of his, which irises gradually seemed to regain their round and friendly shape the deeper within them I looked. The more fixed our eyes became I knew that I had nothing to fear. He had nothing to fear, and suddenly I felt a wave of guilt bursting within. He was no monster, he never had been. But as clumsy as I was, he had been scared and forced into unknown territories in which he did not belong.

My cheeks burned, and I reached up towards him. I wanted so badly for him to hold me. I wanted him to calm down and beg him of forgiveness for being such a bad friend to him in this horrifyingly unwelcoming world. He had no one but me, but even as I had few things to offer, the only thing he needed was me being me. I knew that. He would never demand any more of me than… Well… me.

I heard myself speak his name, and could shortly after feel his large warm hands wrapped around me. Slowly and carefully bringing me up to those beautiful eyes, which traced me all over as he folded his hands so that he eventually could wipe away some of my tears with the back of his finger.

“Micha… I…” He whispered with a sad voice, looking down at the frozen form of the human he had just scared close to death. I savored the warmth which his breath and carefully folded hands presented to me, and I reached out to lay my hand against the side of his nose, encouraging him to look back up again.

“William. Calm down. I am not angry with you… He is fine. Okey? Focus on me now and calm down…” I said as I tried to encourage him to breathe with me for a moment. It was clear that he regretted his actions as his eyes wandered back and forth in between us. But as time passed he actually seemed to calm down along with myself.

Rob was alive, just terribly chocked. When I eventually noticed that Jeremy was standing in the half open door, eager to run out and check on his nephew, I nodded to him encouragingly as I felt that the danger had finally seesed. William had his eyes closed, and as some gigantic lapdog, he leaned his cheek towards me. Almost as if forcing my hands to reach out and pet the bridge of his nose, calming him down even further.

As I saw Jeremy run out and help his nephew, I came to notice that Williams hands were surprisingly comfortable to sit in. He was by all means still large, but for some strange reason, his hands could now coupled around me more smoothly than last time we had met. His bent fingers held my back up perfectly, which made me notice that I took up almost half of his hands in terms of length. I seemed to be around the size of his ring finger… not to mention the fact that I could reach parts of his face which I had never been able to to reach before. I could change and reach his cheek even as he leaned the other side of his nose against my lap.

I found myself tracing alongside his upper left cheek, reaching up so that I could stroke my fingers up and over his closed calm eyes, dragging my hand over his surprisingly soft eyelashes. Having each of the dark brown lashes fold back into position as my hand continued, as is pulling a finger over a comb. I leaned in, as tightly against him as I possibly could, and let myself rest for what felt like forever.

“William?” I continued in a calm voice and let my hand fall back upon his cheek once more.

He opened his eyes slowly and brought me further away as he could not see me clearly when up too close. Looking at me in wonder as I sat back up without any back support. I then brought by arms out once I had his attention, trying to form my statement in terms of movements.

“...Are you shrinking?” I said as I gradually brought my hands closer together and then gestured against him. “How can that be possible?” I continued and tilted my head as I raised one eyebrow.

“No offence, but I like it better this way. I just do not know how on earth you are pulling this off. I mean, shrinking? People do not shrink.”

“He is not “people”, shouldn't you amongst all of us know?” Jeremy's suddenly answered. From down at the ground, I could once leaned over the edge of Williams warm palm. see him pamper Rob while looking up at us.

“He’s a djinn for what I know. Who knows what he can do.” he continued while I totally lacked of understanding for why he had this information.

“A djinn? Whats a djinn?” I said and looked back up into Williams wondering eyes. Surely he had no idea of what we said. “William? Djinn?” I said and pointed up at him as I asked.

All I got back was his smile for hearing me mention his name, but then a tilted head again with a frown at the other word which followed.

“Djiiiìiìiinn?” I said and let my hand linger, fingers pointed at him.

“...I don’t think he knows what he is. He should only be “William” I think.” Jeremy interfered all of a sudden. “ Or however to say...”

Both William and I looked past the edge of the hand at Jeremy this time, equally puzzled but on different terms. He was positioned just a short distance away from Williams resting knees, as he had brought them together, folded underneath himself.

I was puzzled to say the least, not to the fact that Jeremy was speaking casually to us, but that he seemed to know a lot more than what I had previously thought.  “...How can you know all of this?”

“Well… I do not know if it is such a good idea to tell you, but it's you after all.” He said and made a quick gesture up against me. “You met Herence at the diner yesterday, remember? I think you should speak to him, he told me some water you guys were off, and it seems as if he is involved somehow in all of this. He seemed to know what he spoke off.” Jeremy said as he pulled his unwilling nephew up so that his head rested in his uncle's lap. Clearly Jeremy was not as stressed of being down there as Rob was.


I could barely recall the older man. The only one I could clearly remember the face of was his son, Matthew or something. A mean and intimidating teen… To be honest parts of me was eager to know more, but I felt uneased by the part of the man being “involved”... as if any “involvement” with William back in the capital could be related to something good… It just felt fishy somehow.

I did not like the sound of it I concluded, even as I felt eager to know more. Meanwhile my eyes were unfocused in deep thought, I let some thick blond hair flow in between my fingers playfully. Rough jet, but somehow also surprisingly soft strands of hair which seemed to go on like forever.

“I guess that this is what you get for sleeping in the forest…” I said with a faint smile as I removed an entangled twig and held it up as to prove my point.

“... I think you could need a proper bath for once.” I said and looked up at his wondering yet understanding eyes, pulling me in as if seeing the milky way for the first time in my life.
Child of the Sea - Chapter 25 - Meet William
Okeeeeeeeey, so this is one of those chapters where I had troubble on settling on how things would unfold. But I hope you guys enjoy. I left the major dramatic event out of there by purpose, and as I wanted to focus on Micah, but we´ll see what comes next. Maybe I´ll go back and tell the story of what truly happened.

But for now, lets just let Micah and William have a moment for once wont we? Huggle! 



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