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Child of the Sea - Chapter 28 - Energy
Fumbling around in panic, I felt how strong currents grabbed hold of my lower body, forcing me down into the dark turbid waters yet again. Screaming to the sudden increase of pressure which slammed my ears shut, my mind gradually surrendered to the confusion.
I was lost, wherever here was. As if forced into another dimension in which no human belonged, nor a stage to which any human could walk back. We could not survive within these conditions, and only so far could a living being survive underneath these conditions.
With lungs filled with water, I found the short window in time for when a drowning creature could find peace. As if the life spared those few seconds in the end of a life, before the soul were set walking into the next world. My lungs exchanged air to water bit by bit, gradually being filled without my concern as I desperately tried to retake my breaths while calling out his name. Before I knew it, I was floating around in complete darkness, wondering what on earth I had b
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Child of the Sea - Chapter 27 - New Turns
It did not take long until the small lake appeared before us, first viewable as a small pond in between the maze of trees. It was oddly fascinating to see the world from Williams height, but rather scary at the same time. Everything looked so tiny from up where I was being held. Forcing myself in an attempt to picturing myself down there, and how that would look.
It was almost as if I had entered another world. Williams world I reminded myself. Threes taking the proportion of low bushes more than standing as tall trees used to, shading the forest floor. The cold wind which rose above  the treetops rustled my hair once more, creating an even messier state to it. In the end, I had to hold some of it up at my cheek in order to keep it away from my eyes.
I was still leaned against Williams chest when his walk suddenly came to an end, legs still hidden at the end of the forest in between the leaves and twigs. Did he not want to walk anymore? I turned around and looked up at him, being
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Child of the Sea - Chapter 26 - Thoughts
“Jeremy?” I asked after a while filled of silence. “Um… do you think I could take William to the lake?”
“It´s cool if I can´t, since, well if there is people over there. I mean…” I tried, but trailed off eventually. It seemed as if I was asking my dad to take my dog on a walk, which felt remarkably odd in so many different ways. But then again, I needed to do something other than just stay put with him. The lake came in mind and I figured that Jeremy would have the best opinion of how to handle the rather odd situation at hand.
Jeremy was about to pull Rob's arm over his shoulder for support to take him inside as I asked for his advice. He seemed to reflect on my request for a short while, stopping in his step with a thoughtful expression upon his face as he turned. He seemed to be evaluating the situation with great care, and then looked up at me.
“Well I guess that would be fine. I don't really know what to do of everyth
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Dragonorb by Lovisa93 Dragonorb :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 6 1 Look what I found! by Lovisa93 Look what I found! :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 64 16 Mindfull of you by Lovisa93 Mindfull of you :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 6 1 Music by Lovisa93 Music :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 8 1 Embraced by Lovisa93 Embraced :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 107 9
Child of the Sea - Chapter 25 - Meet William
I frowned and rubbed a hand across my cold face as I woke up for the second time that day. I felt as if someone was pressing my head down against cold wet grass due to a pulsing headache, my body screaming in lack of any will to move. It did not take me long to grasp the fact that I had the ale from Rob and Fenrirs little drinking party yesterday to blame for this awful way to greet the morning sun, which now burned in my sore tired eyes. Even as they were only partly open as I peered up into the blue blurry sky. I was clearly no longer intoxicated, but had passed into the state known a  “hung over”…
“So thats what it feels like… No wonder people are slow the morning after… It feels awful.” I concluded as I felt a burning sensation in my throat. Causing me to turn to the side in order to not choke.
Goosebumps traced my arms. I moaned and pulled my legs up for warmth, but as I stopped my complains, the sound still lingered. Slowly growing i
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Child of the Sea - Chapter 24 - Unthoughtful
It was not anger which masked the face of the child's father, neither was it purely fear. It was the face of a pleading, wary man, yet one who put up the facade of determination as he held his ground even as he had been discovered. Looking William dead in the eye from down there without even as much as flinching as their eyes met.
Williams mind was nothing but blank. He knew that he was the one responsible, but how could he fix what was broken. The man did not look as if he had much of an ear for apologies at the moment. But even if he had been, William was not much of a talent at speeches. Well known by now.
He lowered his hands with great care, as he finally felt the tiny nestling switch her position in the middle of his palms. Drawing back his attention to her, away from the waiting parent standing in the grass just some few feets away. As his eyes locked with the almond ones, sorrow for his action forced him too face the ground instead.  She was literally the size of his pinky
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Child of the Sea - Chapter 23 - Sheets
The village was not far ahead from where William was at the moment. It had taken him quite a while to get back there and he was surprised at the fact that he had not caught up to Micah before getting so close. It would have been for the best if he did. That would surely have saved him, and the tiny people, a lot of trouble. But he had to remind himself that walking to quickly in the forest could also present a danger to them if he did not know Micahs and the others exact location down there in between the threes. He just had to accept the fact that he would have to solve the issue as things unfolded. If he could not reach them before getting to the village, then he would just have to be quiet about it and search for Micah anyway. It was not as if the people presented much of a threat for as much as he knew even though he truly wanted to avoid any type of conflict…
“Just have to find” His thought rang as he continued to walk. Feeling how nervousness grew within at the
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Child of the Sea - Chapter 22 - Run
Fenrir carried me in a really secure way, I had to admit. On some terms I would say that it was a little embarrassing...  Arms holding me up against him as he and Rob made their way through the surprisingly sparse forest. But I avoided to dig into my position more than necessary. I knew that he did it so that he could keep up with Rob, but a piece of my mind could not deny the fact that he seemed to be calmed by keeping me close like this.
I was still a bit light headed, not feeling totally fine to be honest, but the rocking movements were almost wagging me back to sleep more than sickening me. The rocking movement as he moved were a little bit to settling for my taste. However, I was not in the mood for embracing my sleep. For every step they took, I was taken further and further away from William. I closed my eyes and listened, as I let my voice out.
“No! shush! You don´t know what you are doing Micah.” Rob hissed the same instant as I s
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Ekim by Lovisa93 Ekim :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 3 9
Lost and found
This is the intro of a g/t RP!
I was trying my best to find my way through the dence celp. But as I looked around me, I did not seem to find my way out of where I was… The brown forest went on as far as I could see, and soon I needed to pay a visit to the surface again to breathe.
I hid behind one of the leaves as a larger fish apeared before me. Trying to stay as still as possible and rely on my camoflage as it passed. But I was not really in the right place to fade into the soroundings… I belonged at the reef. A given to my striped tail and colourfull spotts. So, as the silvered fish spotted me, I aimed for the surface. I had to rely on speed instead.
The fish lost interest as I hurried up towards the light. Lucky for me! But as I turned to look in the direction I was heading, my quick stride emediatly came to an end. Paniking in lack of air, I found myself held down by some transparent strings. Loosing some precous bubbles as I struggled. I was stuck in a s
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Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood - 1
“Bowman, wake up!”  The voice pulled me out of my dreams abruptly, dragging me out of sleep with an iron grip.  “It’s morning!”  I blinked bright green eyes before squinting at the vague shape standing next to my bed.  At first, the only indication I gave her that I had heard was a disgruntled groan.  As the young girl came into focus, I saw that she had her hands placed on her hips, her mouth set with determination.  She wasn't about to be scared off.
“Whaaaa’?” I mumbled, barely able to keep my eyes open.  “Go ‘way.  Sleep.”  I didn't wait for her reply before promptly turning over and pulling my thin blanket over my head, hiding my mess of dark green hair from her view.
I heard her stomp a little foot.  “But Bowmaaaan!  Sleepyhead boy!” she whined.  I could no longer ignore her when she insistently began shaking my shoulder.  “Mama says
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A Little More Trust Cpt. 1
Control. To Colfax, it was a precious commodity. Control over his environment, control over his resources, control over every single pattern of his life. He often told himself that in many cases, being in control of his situation was more important than anything else. It tended to make him a cold, calculating person, and the solitary life of a viri suited him to a T.
Colfax heard the signs of the second wave of morning classes getting out. That meant that the halls of the university building would soon be filling with college students. He sighed and glanced at the door of the supply closet. He'd restocked his bag with new safety pins, some string, and some cotton. He stood up and walked to the edge of the shelf, where his grappling line fashioned out of a large safety pin and some twine was still hooked into the plastic.
No one ever came into the supply closet during the day, but it was always better to be safe than sorry. Colfax quickly made his way to the floor, ready to hide
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Misplaced: Chapter 1 Part 1
The End of Normalcy
Jonah Michaels really hated Economics. Almost as much as he hated Statistics. 
But alas, both were requirements for his major, and therefore, unavoidable. He began to wish he had taken the AP courses while he was in high school instead of learning them in a broad classroom where the monotonous voice of Dr. Weiss began to seem more like a dull, rythmless lullaby than an actual lecture. The properties of Supply and Demand were a concept everyone with a working brain and who went through high school already grasped long ago; the redundancy of it all served more of an annoyance than anything else. He thought he was done with math when he took Calculus in the twelfth grade. But apparently, Math wasn't done with him, as the curriculum seemed to have deduced. 
Fortunately, he had a couple minutes until he could finally break away from his studies, meet with his girlfriend, and spend his weekend sleeping. It had been a long semester, and
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Pumpernickel Magic: Day 1-Dimension Hopping Pt.1
He remembered those last thirteen minutes with the utmost clarity than he had remembered anything that happened in his life with such accuracy. 
The energy drink had finally wore off and he felt the after-effects of it full force. 
He felt his eyes droop and then loudly yawned, swiveling in his chair behind the counter. The motion didn't help him wake up at all, as he propped his arms up on the counter, resting his head on them as he sullenly looked out the window. The sun was setting, painting the sky several hues of orange, violet and pink. The ground was still wet from the afternoon rain, and he could hear the constant dripping from the old, drainage pipe outside. 
He hated Tuesdays. 
Mondays were the worse, but Tuesdays, for some reason tended to feel worse, as weird as it sounded. 
Probably because at least everyone hated Mondays, so no one expected much. They signaled the beginning of a work week. They had meaning. Tuesdays were just awkward though
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undersea by yukihomu undersea :iconyukihomu:yukihomu 2,618 53 Britzy bedtime - [commission] by TerritorialRain Britzy bedtime - [commission] :iconterritorialrain:TerritorialRain 239 49
Wander || Chapter 1
"God…" Jude sucked in air sharply.
He ran a hand through his short golden brown hair and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the pain. His arm was killing him. He had mentally bashed himself for three days now- for reaching for the wrong rock in climbing the mountain face. The jagged rock left a nasty gash in his arm. He had bandaged it up to the best of his abilities, but his job involved camping out in the deep of woods many a night, and the lack of proper sanitation was taking its toll. When the sun began to sink in the sky, he removed his camouflage and started a small fire. Leaning back against a sequoia, Jude unraveled the dirty strip of bandage and groaned.
"Oh that is definitely infected..."
For many, life on the road sucked complete and utter ass. And Penelope was no different in that opinion. Pen liked warm beds with roaring hearths crackling with fragrant alpine logs that smelled of heavy wood and sap and moss. She liked her warm, woolen blanket, a thick piece she'
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Ro and Nathan 1
The college cafeteria was nearly empty, only a few students still loitering over their meals to avoid the inevitable studying that marked the end of the school year. Many of them talked about the dreaded finals, but a few were already discussing their plans for the summer. Each group seemed lost in their own discussions, oblivious to the low level of noise created by the other conversations. This was particularly true for a duo of young men sitting across from each other at a small table. They were second years and almost brothers despite their vastly different appearances. The shorter of the two appeared to be of Pacific Islander descent with perpetually tan skin, dark hair, and dark, slanted eyes. The other, though, was pure Caucasian. His longer, dark blonde hair had the barest hint of a wave, and his eyes were a deep, luscious blue. Whereas his shorter companion stood a mere 5’3”, the blonde was an even six feet and built like a basketball player. The other, however, wa
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The Giant and the Zookeeper - Chapter 1
Amelia had done it.
She walked shakily up to the podium in the large hall filled with people.
Her silk gown kept slipping off her shoulders and her hat tipped too far forward down her head but she didn't care.
She had finally graduated as a certified Zoologist. She shook the hand of the man whose name she'd forgotten and grasped the document he handed her in a shaky fist.
He gave her a well practice smile and she looked out into the crowed, not even being able to see her family because of the bright lights shining at her and all the cameras began to flash rapidly.
"Miss Amelia Thompson!" The man said proudly and that was her cue to walk down the other side of the stage.
She looked down as her heels clinked along the steps and her brain went along a million miles an hour, but one voice was clear.
"Time to get a job" rang in her ears.
Amelia spent months after her graduation trying to get a job at the right zoo, but she could never settle. She worked all over the state in diff
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Gotcha, Little Guy! (Part 3)
Babysitting-wise, this wasn’t David’s first rodeo. He’d watched kids for friends and neighbors in the past, so he was prepared to go through a few obligatory rituals: He talked about safety, about how the boys’ mother expected them to behave, and then he submitted himself to a short tour of the house before sitting down and discussing what the kids could do during his visit.
Of course, all of this was done from the surreal vantage point of being snatched up and passed between squeezes from tree-trunk-like fingers on an extended roller coaster ride around rooms bigger than airplane hangars during a barrage of questions and loud, hyperactive conversation. At least Cade had asked politely before picking him up and starting the ordeal. Conor was a little less polite when he would leave David out of the decision making while whining at his brother to “give him a turn.”
In a span of the first 45-or-so minutes — the most nerve-wracking 45 minutes of D
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A New Start 6
Oliver rolled his eyes at her pouting as he instinctively started to stand up. Looking at her tiny form on the ground, he crouched back down and ran his fingers through his shaggy brown locks. “So uh, how should we do this?”
Nora’s light green eyes glanced into his, but were quickly diverted to the ground. "You know what-" She bit her lip in hesitation, “I want you to carry me. I mean if it's not too much trouble of course.” A playful smile covered her face. 
Oliver blinked a few times, surprised by the fact that she would even consider this. “Uh okay, are you sure? I don’t want to scare you or anything.” He bit his lip out of concern.
Nora gave a slight nod. “That’s the point, I don’t want to be afraid of you- or anyone for that matter. I just want it to be like before. That’s why I need to do this.” She sucked in a deep breath, “So pick me up.” 
Oliver, still crouched, tentatively reac
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Fearless: Chapter Five
Evric had just switched the lights off and turned the TV on with a low volume when he heard the turn of the front doorknob. Knowing that his mom would probably have something to say as soon as she entered, he ran to the entry way and opened the door for her, whispering loudly.
“Hey, try not to wake Ellie up,” he articulated, grabbing the huge paper sacks that his mother was carrying. The brown-haired woman looked at him in confusion but stayed quiet, handing off the groceries to her much taller son and following him to the kitchen table.
“Ellie?” She spoke with care. “Do you have a girlfriend or something?”
“No, mom,” Evric felt his cheeks burning – did he have a crush on a human...? “She’s just a friend from school. She needs a place to stay for the night and she fell asleep on the couch.”
Already, his mom was peeking across the hall from doorway to doorway, eyes on the sofa. “Is she in the bathroom?”
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Holding Collette: Chapter Three
Holding Collette:  Chapter Three
Several weeks went by and the two continued to text back and forth.  Dallas was nervous that by admitting he was lonely that the stranger would stop talking to him, but the following morning his heart was set at ease as he turned on his phone to see if Collette had texted him back.
I’m lonely too.  So much that I bet you couldn’t even understand.
He wanted to sing.  This girl…she hadn’t laughed at him or told him to cheer up.  For weeks, even days after his mother had passed so many of his friends had told him to get over it or understand that death is simply another part of life.  Like he didn’t know that.  But it was one thing to preach and listen, it was quite another to go through such a hardship.  Collette’s answer had pleasantly surprised him, and even his father had asked him, “what the hell are you smiling about?” when he saw him a few days later.
It was ama
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Overprotective Sixteen
As the diner continued to fill, I grew more and more restless.  I knew that Cohawk was a bit of a walk for a giant, but it felt like I had been waiting forever.  Viv kept an eye on me as best she could, but as the hostess of the diner, she had to leave me once in awhile.  I couldn't help but steal looks over towards the top of Luke's blond head.  I wished he wasn't such a jerk.  Maybe waiting with him would have been better than waiting at the front of a busy diner for giants.
“Come on, Ronan,” I muttered.
“Is he your boyfriend?”
I glanced up at Viv who was smiling as she reorganized the menus.  “Huh?”
“The one you're waiting for.  Is he your boyfriend?”
“He's a giant,” I said matter-of-factly.
She nodded.  “Oh yeah!” She giggled.  “I forgot.  Of course he's not.”  She turned back to the menus, ignoring my reddened face.
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Chapter 13 - Nathan
Chapter 13 – Nathan
I watched the kids swarm around my Nikes with a smile. My right foot was resting on its side and the kids were using it as a small climbing wall. On the left, Kiddo had enticed a few others to help him try to figure out how to untie it. The two or three not climbing or looking at my shoelaces were examining the logo on my shoes. It was like they couldn’t get over the texture as they ran their tiny hands over it. A triumphant crow from the top of my left shoe drew my attention back to Kiddo and friends as they pulled my shoelace, untying it. I chuckled as one of the loops shrank a little from the kids’ efforts. What really got me was that it was taking four of them to do what I could with one hand.
“You don’t mind them doing that?” Bar-keht asked, walking closer and motioning to the kids untying my shoe. They was a kind of cautious wonder on his face.  
“I not mind,” I assured him with a grin. “Easy do
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Fumbling around in panic, I felt how strong currents grabbed hold of my lower body, forcing me down into the dark turbid waters yet again. Screaming to the sudden increase of pressure which slammed my ears shut, my mind gradually surrendered to the confusion.

I was lost, wherever here was. As if forced into another dimension in which no human belonged, nor a stage to which any human could walk back. We could not survive within these conditions, and only so far could a living being survive underneath these conditions.

With lungs filled with water, I found the short window in time for when a drowning creature could find peace. As if the life spared those few seconds in the end of a life, before the soul were set walking into the next world. My lungs exchanged air to water bit by bit, gradually being filled without my concern as I desperately tried to retake my breaths while calling out his name. Before I knew it, I was floating around in complete darkness, wondering what on earth I had been doing up till this moment.

With my arms stretched out on each side, I gave in to the calmness. Feeling how I had little else to do to my current state than to give in.

My last attempt to speak his name could not be heard.

Not a single being down here even noticed the last attempt I gave, as the only thing flowing past my vocal cords was water. Instead, the name was only spoken for my own tired mind to hear.



I was unsure of when I actually awoke.

Tears were flowing down my cheeks, as my eyes stung. Sore, and reddened by the loss of salt, I was not crying intentionally, but more giving in to the body's attempt to regain its balance sight.

Panic got hold of me by a sudden realisation that my lungs were unusable, and I turned to my side by the same instant to cough.

The feeling of forcing out water from the entirety of my lungs was not a pleasant feeling I can assure you all. But to speak my opinion, I had never felt more willing to stay alive and fight, than at this moment. Even though I could recall other moments when I had feared for my life, it had not been felt with such a contrast of calmness as while drowning.

I managed to draw my first oxygenated breaths, but stayed to my side as I was unsure of the remains within me. Water was still sippin out my mouth when the looming shade grew darker above me.

I glanced up, blinking until the blur cleared up to form the most pleading, concerned expression I had ever set my eyes on.

“Micah…” His voice rumbled. Closer than ever, his words carried the same warm and familiar feeling as it had once given me, and I turned to his shaking hand.

Burying my face within his warm palm, I had never felt as close to him ever before. If it was due to my severe level of thankfulness for not losing myself in the dark waters, or the fact that I was willingly accepting everything he threw at me, I did not know. But I was forever thankful for the fact that he let me have my way at the moment.

I guessed in a way that he had also felt the pain I was experiencing, and the euphoric feeling of still being alive. It was strange almost, how I could swear to know what he felt. As if we were connected beyond the physical world in which he was holding me by all his careful might against his pounding heart at his chest. I could not even recall when I was lifted…

My whole world was warm.

“Micah” He whispered, time after time.

He did not need a larger vocabulary to express himself at the moment, I knew what he meant, and let myself sob within his embrace until my breathing evened out.

With the worst headache gradually fading out, as I felt how my heart calmed bit by bit, I paid my respects to the silence. How often would I have to feel this way? To be so un-superior and in need of his comforting voice.

His fingers were held in a maze at my back, not being separately identifiable to the right or left hand, and the trembles in his palms were fading as they held my lower half in place.  

His heart took me back to the moment when I had found myself waking up at his chest one morning back in his cavity to a prison. Recalling the sense of waking up in a mix of body warmth, sunlight and by the rhythmic calm sensation of his beating heart. The sound which gave away the fact that nothing of what I had experienced these past days belonged to a dream. He was a living, breathing creature just like me. But…

“What are you… really….” I whispered.

“Sometimes you act as if you know everything, that things are obvious. By the next, you act like a child lost in a world to which you do not belong.”

“You change, the longer I know you.”

“You are not hungry, yet you have not eaten for days…”

My mind was spoken out without me even having an attention of letting a single soul take part. There was just so much right now that I did not know…


“Saved me.”

“So many times…”

But also put me in danger.

“This world put US in danger…”

It is cruel really, how this world function. We all must find out place. Our spot, in which we fit in.

“I guess none of us belong here. I thought I had no choice than to find my place. But now I feel like I do not know where that place was to begin with.”

“You confuse me William…”

But I guess I, along with all of this, confuse you even more.

“How come you are not scared all the time?”

“What is your secret William… I´m pleading to find out one day.”

Just let me stay here with you, and we can find our own place to fit in into this frightening world.

“I dreamed of being able to embrace you, just like you are able to, all the time. But once lost in my own dreams, you vanished.”

“I was so scared, that all of this was a dream.”

“What happened just now?”

“Where did you go?”

My cheek was warm as I was leaning against his chest all this time, but as the last words passed my lips, I looked up to meet with those large blue orbs to which my heart seemed to belong.

I knew that by now. It was not a hoax which my mind had played on me. He was my everything now, and I needed him to return the feeling of safety and warmth which his mere existence seemed to pull away from me.

I needed answers.

“What… happened, William?” I tried. Looking up at him, pleading. But not a single word left him. The wall which only I could remove in between us needed to fall faster than ever if I were to stay sane any longer than this. I could not fear for my life all the time while I was desperately giving in to him.

If he dropped me, and no water could dampen the impact of my fall, I was done for.

There would be no second chance.
What I loved could be my death. A feeling and thought to which my mind froze. I had been so close to losing myself just now due to whatever made William disappear, yet I wanted to trust him wholeheartedly.

“Not knowing is…” I recalled. Parts of what the guards had spoken.

Maybe William could not answer as he did not know the answer himself. Maybe, we needed to find them out for both of us.

I ignored the final ache in the back of my head, eager to find out more. I needed to get this thing over with, for both of us, and so I pushed at the welcoming warm bare chest of his, to which I had been clinging on for longer than I could guess at the moment.

More space opened up, and I could crawl backwards out into his hands,  as he gradually lowered them behind me. Vertically bringing me out in front of his face with a worried expression at his face, as he seemed to evaluate my state. I would never grow tired of losing myself into those comforting beautiful eyes of his...

I fumbled around for a moment before settling down in the middle of one hand, legs to my side. Clearing my face from water with the back of my hand, I noticed that even William was drenched to the bone.

His hair laid as drapery at the sides of his face, parts stroked back to free his face. Even his laches set droplets flying as he blinked, but other than that, he looked perfectly fine. It did not look as if William had been in any danger himself during the past event in more ways then mentally. Looking scared was one thing, but not a dangerous one.

I coughed once more, trying to set my mind straight on where to begin. Looking around, I found that he was seated on his knees, partly still in the lake, but now closer to the human size bench. It looked as if he had been standing over where I first awoke, pron up on all fours, and just sat back up as he lifted me up.

My eyes wandered around, unintentionally avoiding to really look at anything else than his face, as I did not know what my own mind was up to at the moment. My eyes seemed to find their own way back however much I tried not to.

“William?” I called for his attention, as if I was not in his centre of attention already.

His lips relaxed slightly as I spoke his name, but he stayed put, awaiting my following words with patience.

“Djinn?” I said questionably, pointing up at him while all he did as a response was to lean his head.


“Micah.” I said, holding a hand at my chest. “Micah. HUMAN.” I continued, and then tried to give him the offer of speech.

He looked troubled, as if trying to figure me out as he usually did.

“Micah. ..Hu, man?” He spoke.
Okey, he had the idea. I just needed to explain so it was not only a word to him. He needed context if he were to use it further.

“Micah.” I said, placing a hand across my chest again. “Micah.” I said, tapping.


I gave him the new word again, but this time I tried to touch all over myself. As if trying to tell him that all of me was human, but my soul was Micah, the person. I had my ideas from time to time on how to teach… maybe it would work, maybe it would not, but I could not find another way with me being the only human around. So for me to touch my face, hands, feet, hair, ears and every visual thing I could think of, made perfect sense to me. Especially the part when I tried to convey the fact of my size.


I looked up at him, feeling how my frustrated expression dropped as he seemed happier than I had expected. He was partly smiling as our eyes met, as if he had understood what I meant. To the extent of unintentionally flushing as his perfectly sweet smile was intended only to me…

“Human!” He said though the smile he directed down at me.

I suddenly found his other hand at my side, surprised that I not noticed it until it found my side. With fingers surrounding me on every side, I soon found myself enveloped into a loose hug of sorts, only lasting a brief moment until his hand left me out in the cold again. Between his thumb and index finger, a gap was formed which seemed to be approximately the size of my height. William was still smiling as I looked in awe at his hand before it returned in form of a finger at my chest.



I did not know it at the moment, as I could only believe it at the moment, but he did understand. William understood what i meant with that little fuzz, and I had put the idea of our conversation into his excited mind. We were back where we had tried to be just before arriving at the lake.

He wanted to know things as well, and my way of teaching seemed to function as a tool, however ridiculous it made me look as I tried to use signs while speaking. I almost jumped out of joy at he repeatedly pointed at me, telling me my name, and then pulled away a little to gesture at all of me, uttering the word human.

I had to capture the moment.

“Micah. Human.” I repeated. Then I went on to ask him in a sort of way, pointing with both hands up at him to offer him the word which I hoped to hear coming.


“William not HUMAN. William….?”

“William?” Not a word.

frustration. Could that feeling never just leave me?

“William human?” I saw him say as his free hand got up to his chest. Something was off. I knew it.

“No..” I said, shaking my head. He was not right and needed to know.

“Micah, HUMAN. William NOT human.”

“William: …?” I said, repeating the gestures. “William is not a human, so what on earth are you? Please…”

I was growing more frustrated. But I soon found that I was not the only one. I left a thoughtful expression on my… well yeah… which eventually seemed to lead him into frustration as well as my mind overspoke my words. He did not need more confusion, but I was not made for this sort of thing.

“Gah! William is not human. William iiiiiiis…….?” I said, gesturing up at him until my arms dropped and I flew up on my feet, completely dropping the subject. I had set him in tears…

“William no, no no calm down. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to…” I tried as I reached the end of his palm sooner than I had hoped for. Frustration of not being able to reach him forced me to reach out into nothing, for him to calm down and get himself closer to me on his own. Luckily I did not need to try for long before the hand in which I stood folded around me as earlier.

His fingers wrapped around my lower half, and I was slowly brought up to his nose as my arms reached out for him.

The moment my hands reached the cold bridge of his nose, I continued to reach out at his cheek to force a tear away as if ruched me by.

“No, William. Calm down. I´m so sorry….” And I really meant it. I had not meant to upset him. But if he really did understand me during the first part, maybe it was my turn to figure out why he was sad at the moment. I had to give in to my suspicion…

“You can be human as well if you want to be… I'm so sorry Will. Common, please, I´m sorry...”

“I´m not the one to tell you what you can and cannot be William. I was just asking.”

I was a bit heartbroken as well. To see someone his size cry out like this. Well, let's just say that it was impossible to ignore. Especially for me, his sadness radiated all over the place, like mourning mist draping down into a valley.

I pet his nose while he gave me the support I needed to hold myself up at the bridge. With legs on either side to keep me steady at the same time as I stroke my hands to the side of me the best I could, I had little time to feel embarrassed about my actions.

“I cannot read minds Will. But you need to calm down. You are draining yourself for no reason.” I tried. “There, there, calm…” I was whispering and hoping for him to catch up on the calmness in my voice at least… Even so, I knew that he was not human, whatever I tried to calm him down by telling him. There was only a certain limit to what a human could do, and William had passed all of the boundaries it seemed. But to be something in flesh or to be something by heart was not the same thing.

If he felt human, he was human. By heart. I could never take that away from him, and besides, as I tried to calm him down, I also pleaded for him to understand that I did not want to force him to be something he was not.

But in flesh, both of us knew that he was something completely different. The scary part was that even though he felt human, or so I understood, he did not know what he was in flesh more than I did.

This was one of those times when I could only feel a child within his state of mind. Something pure and confused, innocent and needy. He needed me to let him have his way until he was ready to pull himself out by his own.  

“You sure are one emotional piece of creation... “

“No wonder I cannot take you seriously. Acting all high and mighty at one moment, living up to the.. I don't know, 30-50 meters of you? Acting somewhat the age you are. By the next you act as a scared pupp missing it´s mother, all cuddly…”

“You are 24 or something right?”

“Well you cannot answer, but I guess you are. Older and taller than me in all ways possible. Yet I am the one pampering you just after being surviving drowning!” I said, trying to convince myself just as much as him that all of this was really something out of the ordinary…

“...You can be human if you want to be human, or at least, I would never treat you differently regardless of what we manage to find out along the way…”

I felt how the sobbs got lighter as I spoke, but just as I tried to pull away a little to get a better view of him, my waist was grabbed hold of. Tracing my hands down his nose as he pulled me down I felt his soft lips against my tummy and froze up a little as I looked up questioningly.


“What are you doing…?”

His eyes shut just as the last word was left out without an responce, and I could hear how a deep breath was drawn in between his lips.

He was not kissing me, I knew that much. He was not even trying to.

He barely touched me with the soft, read lips of his, but held them open with a small gap focused up over my chest as he seemed to breathe in as deep and slowly as he could.

Whatever this was, he knew what he was up to, and he was doing it intentionally just as on our way to the lake.

A strange feeling crept up my spine as the whistling noise of air passed my sides and in between those lips of his. But there was something more to it.

As hard as it was to grasp the situation, I could only call his behaviour one thing, as I noticed the smallest glimmering specks of something I had never seen before appear from my own, gradually lighter chest. The trail got caught in the whirl of air, and set the shining, tiny dots along the path of the deep breath of his. On a journey into the abyss.

He seemed to be feeding on something, beyond the limitations of my understanding...
Child of the Sea - Chapter 28 - Energy
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Some confusions, some clearups. Chapter 28 is as usual a bit confusing, but at the same time I hope thay you guys get to understand a bit more of that I have in mind :D Hope you like it!
It did not take long until the small lake appeared before us, first viewable as a small pond in between the maze of trees. It was oddly fascinating to see the world from Williams height, but rather scary at the same time. Everything looked so tiny from up where I was being held. Forcing myself in an attempt to picturing myself down there, and how that would look.

It was almost as if I had entered another world. Williams world I reminded myself. Threes taking the proportion of low bushes more than standing as tall trees used to, shading the forest floor. The cold wind which rose above  the treetops rustled my hair once more, creating an even messier state to it. In the end, I had to hold some of it up at my cheek in order to keep it away from my eyes.

I was still leaned against Williams chest when his walk suddenly came to an end, legs still hidden at the end of the forest in between the leaves and twigs. Did he not want to walk anymore? I turned around and looked up at him, being met with a thoughtful expression as if he was asking what to do next. His eyes were on me before I have managed to even turn around.

His hair was draping over the front of his shoulders as he looked down at me. Bangs falling down from behind his ear to hang in front of one of the blue orbs to which my own eyes were drawn. I found myself smile up at him once his slightly opened lips offered me a soft smile of compassion to my previous state. The mark across his face was slowly fading. Suprize given to me since the mark seemed to have been more like a scar than an actual wound. One did not normally loose scars so easily. Good thing though that it seemed to be what was going to happen.

Without the mark, only minor things give away the sort of feeling that he did not belong to the outside world. Size of course was inevitable, but it seemed as if every encounter made him all more human. At least that was the feeling I had. Bit by bit, he was finding his own person, or so to speak. Even as he probably had no idea of what I wanted to do, or where to turn next, it was a certain calmness which lingered within his eyes. As if he knew that everything would turn out the right way.

As if life was that simple…

I looked up at him for a while, smiling back as his warmth which seemed to contaminat my own state of mind.

Leaning my head, I thought back at what Jeremy had told me. That William might actually be a “djinn”. What did that even mean? Was he not… human? Surely he seemed human, in his own William-ish kind of way…

I recalled that I had heard the word before, but could not really place it, desperately wanting to meet this “Herence” once more in order to get some more answers on things. Like, how could William exist in the first place, or how a physical being could just go and shrink as he did.

Feeling my own hunger linger in the end of my thoughts I was caught in a troubled expression, wondering when he had eaten the last time. My eyes flung open and met up at his. A move which startled William a little. Fading the heartwarming smile and turning him into a living questionmark by the second.

For what I knew, last time he ate was back in the town. When I had literally fed him myself! The poor thing had to be starved by now, having… I counted to myself. Was it four or five days maybe? Man… how could he even stand at the moment? I felt a bit uneased though, summing up the things I knew so far. I had seen him eat meat. Horse and… well, yeah, human. Not really though. I had not literally seen him eat someone, I admitted, but there was no doubt that he had.

It was a fairly unpleasant topic to bring up to conversation, but who would I be if I ignored it. I could not just let him starve. There had to be a way…

I cleared my throat and pushed at his chest. Sweat tracing down my jawline. I wanted him to hold me a little bit more in front of himself, so that I could “talk” to him without staring up into his nose all the time. It was a rather weird position to tell the truth. William followed my wishes as he seemed to do most of the time, respecting my underdog position by listening to me at all times.  

I fell back into his left palm where I had been held back at the house, and took some few steps back until I stood at the furthest edge of his palm. The soft texture of his hands was a bit troublesome to walk upon, but I managed to make my way across the hand even as he got to his knees once more, holding me almost in the exact level of the trees. The rustles of leaves moving as wind passed through provided our conversation with a pleasant background sound, and I could now pay my attention to William.

“Hm.. well then.” I had it.

Gesturing to my own stomach by placing a hand upon it, I took my other hand to my mouth. As my fingers met with my lips, I opened them slightly and tried to look a little miserable at the same time. I really did not know how I would gesture “hunger” in any other way, so I had to give it a try.

Uttering the word “hunger”, I then pointed at William, backing up a little as I looked up. Biting my lip I just hoped that he had somewhat understood me. What else could it mean? Right?

Williams eyebrows sunk a little as his eyes narrowed into smaller lines. With no doubt, I could at least understand that he was reflecting on my signs. Which was a good thing. As I had just been thinking, I did not even need to call for his attention in order to be seen. At least not when it was just the two of us here.

William, who was sort of leaned forward above me, opened his mouth as if wanting to tell me his answer.

“Hunger?” He said. Voice lower than what I had expected.

At least he had the right tune to make it a question. So I looked around me, trying to make up a scenario. His palm felt warm against my own when I fell on all fours at the edge, leaning out to collect some leaves from the nearest tree. If I mimicked “eating” he would probably understand. I wondered if he was hungry, as simple as that. If he wanted to eat.

What he wanted to eat, or could, was for the next session I figured and wiped away the small drop of sweat from my chin. I smiled as I managed to reach, and got hold of some leaves. Figuring that I could continue what I was up to once seated. However, when I turned around, I was in for a shock.

William was leaning forward, jaw on top of the hand in which I was standing. His eyes were shut, and I could feel how the hand was slowly tilting forwards. I fell backwards against his fingers, gasping as his lips closed in on me. What was he going to do to me!?

“William?!” I shouted at him as I crawled up at his towering digits, fencing me in with ease.

Before I could hear an answer to my alarm, Williams´ lips were pinning me down into his hand. The warmth of his breath escaped me as soon as he began to inhale, forcing me to push against his cheek by all my might as he stayed put, lips slightly open across my chest.

My mind screamed of regret for bringing up the subject, but only a minute later, I felt myself being allowed some more space. William lifted his hand up so we could see each other clearly and looked happily into my eyes. I on the other hand, was still trying to hide in between his fingers, frozen to what he had just done to me. My heart had literally skipped some beats.

“Hunger” William repeated, and then shook his head a little before brushing some hair back behind his ear.

I just stared at him, panting. What was he saying? I could not understand him at all.

“What?!” I snapped. Leaning forward, hands holding me steady at place.

“What was that?! Can you MAYbe explain!?”

What I had just witnessed, I had no idea what to make of. Was he not hungry suddenly? He had to be. I was still alive!

William dropped his winning expression. Bringing up his other hand, one finger reaching out for me. In frustration, I wanted to believe that he meant no harm, and thus I stayed fixed at my spot. I wanted my explanation.

“Hungry” William said, gesturing to himself. He then poked my chest. Even with care, a small amount of air left me as his finger nudged me, and I watched his finger for a short while until he recalled for my attention.

“Hunger!” He the said, shaking his head.


“You make no sense William. I´m sorry.” I exclaimed and fell back.

“Hunger? No hunger? I do not get you.”

I really could not puzzle this stuff together. So I tried to just make out the essential stuff by asking “hunger” again and swing my head a little in denial.

William smiled when I was done. Leaving me even more confused. Had he been hungry? No? He was not hungry anymore? Something here did not make sense… At all.

“Okey! ... Well then, we… We'll just leave that for now I think. Sorry for bringing it up so suddenly...” I trailed off and scratched my head to his expression. A gigantic finger broke my eye field of leaves, and I fell to the side as it once more poked my upper left body.

“William, no! I don't understand, I'm sorry!” I exclaimed. “Don't just do that. Remember your strength for heaven's sake.” I looked up at him, a little angered by his strange behaviour.

Sure, I could understand that not getting across was frustrating, but he had to drop it now. I did not understand and could not see a way in which I could ever do.

“Whatever that old man knows about you, I sure hope he can help me with this one.”

“I´m sorry Will, I just can´t...” My voice broke at the end as he watched me from over the edge of his hand. Eyes at the same level as mine by now.

“William… please. Don't be sad. I´m fine. Just a little, startled. Okey?”

“William?” I played as he broke eye contact, looking down onto the forest floor. His other hand was gone for now, to somewhere I could not see from my position. It really got to me, the fact that he looked so sad for what had just happened. I did not like making him sad. It just was not me. I wanted me to be his purpose to be happy.

“William?” I tried again. Playing at the final “a” in his name in order to catch his attention.


“Hah, grownup... Sure. You are just a giant wimp it seems. Are you really that sad?”

A short moment passed.


I picked up on a small twitch at the corner of his mouth. Whatever mood he had been stuck in for a brief moment, my voice got to him. I could tell that he was just trying to keep his poker face at the moment. He was not sad. Or at least not sad enough to resist me.

All I could to was fniss to his week attempt of trying to look bitter. So easy to see through.

He looked up again, admitting his defeat it seemed. I was still sitting rather close to the edge of his palm, but did not notice his movements until his other hand once more came up over the edge. With his right hand, he carefully enfolded me and stood back up again, leaving my feet hanging bare.

The thought struck me. Did I have shoes earlier? I was used to walking around barefoot by now, but still. The thought soon left me as William walked up to the beach. Inhaling calmly he looked around before letting me down onto warm sand.

I looked around just as he had done, hoping for no one to be around. I really wanted to be alone with Will at the moment. Staying on that thought, I then shook my head and turned to him. My feet were sunken in the sand, but it was nothing to what William seemed to be  experiencing. For as I turned, I was standing only a few meters ahead of him, staring back at his feet. Also bare, of course.

It was fascinating how many times my feeling about this whole thing could shift back and forth as it did. Scared, not scared, amazed, terrified… it only seemed to continue in the same pattern. Would it ever just stay the same? Could I ever feel a hundred percent calm around him? Due to the size of his feet, I did not dare to look up, feeling a bit uneased by the sight before me. Instead I turned around quickly to walk up to the old bench. I needed to refocus.

My aim for this was to clean up a little. Both of us, in my intention. If I went first, surely he would follow as the observant companion he seemed to be.

I left my clothes, keeping my pants as it felt a bit weird to be naked by the company. My rags needed a nice scrub also, I noticed, as I looked them over, but I wanted to relax and take care of myself first.

Focusing on my own calmness, I walked down to the edge of sand.

Not even trying the water out, I walked out till I had water up to my knees. A joy against my sore skin I soon noticed.

Smiling to the sensation of almost lukewarm water, I squeked in excitement, dropped every worry I had and ran until the depth forced me to take my first swim in ages. The calmness, warm fresh water in the middle of a forest, like this, was nothing like where I had bathed before, and I was truly loving the moment I was given.

I turned to call William into the water, but stopped my splashes as I found him. Bending my head back upwards I found myself being almost underneath him as I had only made it about a “William-foot” out into the lake. I had to lean my neck back so much it almost hurt.

He laughed to my surprise as I looked up at him with a sort of frustrated awe-fascinated expression. Folded down so that he was balancing on his feet, he brought a hand forward and splashed the water next to me in a playful manner. Instinctively, I splashed some water back at his hand as he tried to make his point, but found it utterly useless. At least William found it funny, as I could hear his booming voice from above, laughing childishly.

“Come on! Stop that now, you made your point!” I laughed as he seemed to find no limit to this little game. According to my demand, understood or not, William stopped.

I had to look away as he stood back up again, grinding the sand underneath the weight it was all too much of him for me to want to see from this angle. I wanted to keep my spirit up. So I waited and swam further out, focusing on the randomly fallen trees at the other side. Due to their odd formation, and my search for something to focus on, they caught my attention. Like the game “picking-pin” most of the trees seemed to have fallen down rather randomly over there. Stange.

I heard fabric rustle from up behind somewhere before the calm surface was disturbed by my fellow friend as he entered. Only two steps of so later, I picked up on his ankles, passing by as he his legs swung by. He seemed to be walking out in search of deeper waters. Shorts still on, he let himself fall down as the water finally reached his hips.

He was walking so calmly that it seemed fine for me to stay where I was, but my mind was stuck elsewhere. I was not just seeing things before. His scars were gone. All of them.

I kept myself in place, tramping water as I observed what I had just noticed. But I had no clue how all of this worked no matter how I tried to figure it out. He was burned. The burns gave his scars, lots of scars. To have them suddenly disappear, no, healed? That was strange on a whole new level.    

“William?” I called.

As he turned, I had to focus a few moments on keeping my position, but then found my bare feet stroke across a rising palm underneath. I looked up as the edges of his hands formed what almost seemed like a bathtub around me. My very own puddle, how nice, I smiled and stroke my hair back so that I could see more clearly.

I tried not to stand in his palms even as they rose, and then ended up lying to my side as he lifted his hands just above the lake.

I looked up at him, puzzled by his action. What was he up to now? As much as I wanted a calm moment for myself as he had scared me just a little bit earlier, I could not deny that interacting with William gave me a certain glimpse in the eye. Same for him it seemed. The fascination of someone to much larger than myself was probably more of an excuse than a fact, for William though, I could not know.

So far he had not been much for childish games, picturing a child with a lesser being, poking or pulling limbs… I shuddered at the thought. William was not like that. He seemed more interested in me as a whole. Allowing me space to act out whatever I pleased for most of it.

As he brought me higher up to his face, just as I predicted, I used the little water I had in access to splash it up at his face. Blue eyes flung open in surprise, and I had to readjust quickly as one of his hands folded over and then left to access his urge to wipe the water away.

I pointed up at him and almost fell back before recollecting myself. He was just staring at me with narrow eyes as water dripped from his thick, black lashes. As if trying to tell me that he was at the one with higher power at the moment, he poked my shoulder before standing up.

Noticing my loss of balance, his other hand instantly assisted my side. Turning a poke into an armrest.

“Micah?” William asked once standing, looking down at the water before looking back up at me. I followed, analysing his expression as our eyes met again. One of my hands was still held in some water, which called for my attention as the blue orbs looked down to it.


I formed a small bowl with my hands and brought up some water in front of me. Leaning my arms on top of my folded legs I gave him the word in its simplicity. “Water” I said and then let the water fall through my fingers, dripping down into the remaining puddle in which I was seated.  

“WATER.” William said with a satisfied smile, looking around him where he stood. “Water.”

I got stuck with watching him as he examined the word. Surely he had the will to learn! I felt almost like a proud mother, teaching her kid their first words. Or, word. The first one he had sort of got by himself it seemed. It was both fun and exciting in the same way to watch him learn, even though I had not focused on learning him much so far.

I needed to step it up a bit…

My amazement morphed into the worst blush I had yet to experience, as he looked back at me. His eyes sparkling like the water underneath the now risen sun. He smiled back at me as he without doubt picked up on it.

If it was not his hands that made me warm, I had to finally admit that it was his smile which had this sort of impact on me. I looked up at him, only having his eyes a little bit higher up, when all support from below suddenly ceased.

For one brief moment, I was admitting my feelings. Basking in the moment of something so heartwarming.

By the next one, gravity was grasping hold of me and I was soon met with the obdurate surface of water as I fell from higher than ever before. Colliding with the water against my right shoulder, it stung in my ear as the water seemed to act more as a brick road than liquid.

My mouth and throat was suddenly filled with water, and I could no longer see where I was. Everything seemed dark and blurry, as did my mind. What was going on?

I lost sense of direction, mind blank as I suddenly wondered what I had been doing at the moment.

Strong hands grabbed hold of my upper arms, and I felt how someone was forcing my sinking body against the surface.

My mind started to come back into consciousness, and I was raging in panic as I realized my loss of air. I had no explanation for what was going on, but I was drowning.

I met with the surface in as much of a surprise as when I had seen William disappear before my eyes, just a moment ago, and coughed violently. I did not know the feeling of existing without air, and so my adrenaline pulsed, blinding me as I tried to retake the air which I had lost. Tears mixing into the water in which most of me was submerged.

“Micah! Micah!” Someone shouted in panic at me.

It was as if someone stopped the time.

I only managed to get a glimpse of my abductor before I screamed out. Setting time into motion again as an explosive sound pierced my ears.

I was once more completely submerged by water when my mind pleaded for this horror to end.

“WILLIAM!!!” I screamed, but only bubbles gave me away.
Just for fun: How many of you googled "djinn" after I gave it away? xD
“Jeremy?” I asked after a while filled of silence. “Um… do you think I could take William to the lake?”

“It´s cool if I can´t, since, well if there is people over there. I mean…” I tried, but trailed off eventually. It seemed as if I was asking my dad to take my dog on a walk, which felt remarkably odd in so many different ways. But then again, I needed to do something other than just stay put with him. The lake came in mind and I figured that Jeremy would have the best opinion of how to handle the rather odd situation at hand.

Jeremy was about to pull Rob's arm over his shoulder for support to take him inside as I asked for his advice. He seemed to reflect on my request for a short while, stopping in his step with a thoughtful expression upon his face as he turned. He seemed to be evaluating the situation with great care, and then looked up at me.

“Well I guess that would be fine. I don't really know what to do of everything right now, and I don't know if staying here at the moment is such a good idea…”

“People are waking up soon enough. If they have not done so already...” He said. I noticed how his eyes traced the side of his house, aiming for the neighbours.

“I guess… it actually seem as a good option at the moment... I need to talk to some neighbours, Anna and well, Rob… “

“Also, I think that Fenrir is still hiding in our storage over there. Bet he wouldn't come out just yet...” He said and looked up at us as to make is point.

“I guess “he” will stay here for now, at least until you have spoken to Herence.” He continued and looked up above me as he addressed William. I felt an instant increase in heart rate from William as he was sort of addressed by Jeremy. I tried to ignore it but could feel the thuds echoing through my palms as he spoke.

“Do you think you can check if Herence can meet up with us, maybe somewhere else than here? I mean, if you have the time.” I said, still feeling as if I was impolite for asking for his help.

The most likely outcome would probably be just as Jeremy mentioned, that we stayed here and spoke to Herence once a meeting had been arranged. Until then, it would be quite nice if people here knew what was going on before they ended up in the middle of everything…

Maybe NOT having a giant standing in the middle of their village would be the better option on how to start building up thrust amongst the villagers.

“I´ll, um…” I trailed off and looked behind me, as a warm breeze just rolled up my back. I got a short glimpse of those loosely closed lips behind me, only two meters away or so at the moment.

I noticed that he was nibbling the inside of his lower lip, maybe as he did not know what to do as my conversation with Herence put him in the sort of position in which he could not understand, or even less, know what to do. I corrected my words.

“We... will come back later then I guess.” I said as Jeremy walked back into his house once more, closing the door with his elbow once inside. As I spoke just before he closed the door, he turned his chin and looked with a doubtful frown up at William behind me. Clearly scanning him all over as he played over the situation once more, which probably made William even more nervous, as I could feel his hands grow warmer along with a slightly more tense palm underneath me.

It was impressive how easy he was to read, even when not looking at him.

“Are you sure about this? Do you really trust that... him?”

“ ...sorry for asking, but you know, I am in care for you now.” He said as he held his position.

He adjusted Rob who was still looking straight down into the floor with a distant mind, unwilling to walk on his own. It was no hesitation on that Jeremy meant what he said. As he locked eyes with me I could not really describe the feeling which filled my chest. He seemed truly worried about me. William here had traumatized his nephew for reasons which I did not know. Of course he had the right to doubt the situation.

When I looked behind me up at William again, I found him doing the same thing as I did just until now. He was looking down at Herence with a confused expression.

He would not have understood our words, for that I was sure. But I was fairly sure that the look which Jeremy gave him spoke for itself. William was a person with a clear mind, I knew that much. He was clearly focused on breathing shallower as he had noticed my reaction to his closeness just now, and kept himself steady as he was still positioned onto his knees where he was seated.

In an instant, his eyes wandered back down and met with my own, causing me to flinch a little to my embarrassment, yet again. But maybe it wasn't fright that got to me this time. I rolled my eyes in embarrassment for my own reaction, oversaturating my feelings through my gestures as I could not explain myself in words. Raising my shoulders as if telling him that I did not know why I pulled away.

I was blushing a little to my surprise which sort of forced me to look away. Thankfully he lit up a little as he watched me do so, and kept us away from the awkward situation which could have unfolded.

“You know what? I think that I'm perfectly fine actually.” I answered and smiled back up at William once I had recollected my courage.

“We'll be back soon enough but until then, we will be at the lake if we're needed.” I said and then paused for a moment.” Thanks for everything Jeremy. I really mean it...” I said and smiled down towards him before refocusing on William. What Jeremy had just done. Or in general, his reactions through all of this, was probably beyond what any other person would have done for us.

Jeremy's calmness was truly mesmerizing, to think that he handled being this close to William as he spoke so calmly was nothing to underestimate. It took some guts not to run away, I knew that much.  

“Now, how do we do this then…” I almost whispered as I rubbed my chin and neck, not really finding my way back to Williams almost imposing eyes. The way he was looking at me now, and the fact that we were alone once more, was sort of a strange situation all together. I would have to give him directions and try my best to explain to him what we were up to. But where would I even begin?

I recalled that I had been with him this night. Remembering short glimpses of what had happened. But as my headache reminded me, I was not surprised that a lot of my memory was blank… at least I knew that I was happy, which was a nice feeling in all of this mess.

...Could I point out the direction for him? Would he still listen once we got up and moving? Would he hold me as he walked or how would we pull this off? There were so many questions tossed around within my mind as I tried to decide on my best choice. But I at least knew that I felt rather safe within his hands, so that part was partly dealt and over with… funny though how little time it had taken for me to be emotionally… “where are my mind wandering off to” I whispered for myself, looking away.  

… attached.

“Not scared. No. Nonchalant?” I tried to mislead my thoughts.

“I barely know you. Yet I do know you.” that was it. It was a truly peculiar feeling.

I stared ahead with a frustrated expression painted upon my face, as to get across somehow. “Damn it… It's so frustrating that you cannot understand me… We need to do something about that, and soon…” I said and mimicked speech with my hands, letting the two hands have a little soundless conversation before I rose my shoulders and gestured between both of us with a sad face.

Sign language between two people who did not know a single sign.

It was almost impossible not see his eyebrows as they rose. Damn. His face was so close…

He had absolutely no feeling of personal space my William… another thing to teach him maybe? For him, one meter was nothing. Normally having another person within your one meter area was to close, but in relation, having William one meter away was like laying taped against his face.

My eyes studied what I could see of my surroundings before I raised both hands to almost shoo him away a little. I needed him to give me some space if we were to continue on with this day. His nose was only within an arm's length away from me anyway, so naturally I leaned forward, on my knees, and pushed at the tip of his nose with both hands to prove my point.

“I know you cannot help it being huge, but do you really need to be all over the place? Literally. Look at you. You would almost say that I am in your face, but it’s more like you are all over mine.” I said and could not keep myself from laughing a little as he seemed unable to take my amount of effort seriously.

He was perfectly still, staring down at me in confusion with a smug smile across his face.

“No… Not that face, you know what I mean. … I think.” I straightened my back and drew a large circle with one outstretched finger across his palm. Creating an imaginary fence around myself.

His hand fell some feet as to get away from the light pressure. “o right. Sorry Will…” I smiled.

I cleared my throat.

“This is my personal space. Mine.” I tried and pointed to what for me at least was a perfectly clear and viewable circle. “if you step.. or well I don’t know if stepping is the rightful term for your case, buy anyway.” I was already trailing off topic.

“If you come to close into this area, it starts to become rather uncomfortable for people.” but as I said it, I sort of got stuck with my hands in the middle of my gesture. Did I really think that? Was it really uncomfortable..? ...for me?

I dropped my hands and let out a loud sighn. “um.. no don’t bother. I don’t know.” I murmured and looked away. Waving off the topic as I could not bring myself to the point.

“I don’t even know what I think anymore…” I said and sighed…

I gasped in surprise as his arms suddenly brought me higher up, holding me high up above his smiling face. His left thumb was holding me up against the other fingers, with his other hand just focusing on support. It was not as if he could hold me in both hands even though he had in fact had gotten a little bit smaller by now. I gasped to the increase in height before he made sure to get hold of my attention.  

He totally had not understood a word of what I had just said I figured and signed, palm across my forehead.

The warm and friendly smile, his deep blue eyes which were locked to mine, were enough to make my heart melt by an instant. Sure, I could not deny the nervousness I felt as I was literally hanging above the treeline, but I knew that it was not his intention.

He was sitting with me right above his face. Looking up into my eyes without uttering a single word, nor trying to, for a long time. It seemed as if he was overjoyed at the moment, and to be honest, so was I. We really had something incommon, something which I had not felt with another being before. Ever, to be honest. It was a feeling almost impossible for me to place though.

I leaned my cheek against his thumb and smiled back in silence as he seemed to examine my expression. Letting myself hang from his hands a little as I did not even question my safety where I was anymore.

“William” I spoke a while later, head still leaning against his thumb. Almost as if spelling out his name. Trying it out in an attempt to understand that what was happening was reality.

He lit up as I did and opened his mouth, smiling.
“My.. caela” He answered. Still looking deeply into my eyes.

“Micah” I said. Leaning my head to the other side. Questioning his attempt. He knew my name, right?  

I saw how his eyes shut and he shook his head a little in denial, lowering his arms slightly.

“Me... caela..” He tried once more and locked back up at me again. No, I was held at eye-level by now.

I grew red as a strawberry as he spoke. Completely focused on his words, which was not a new name, but his attempts to form new words.

I smiled and laughed a little and gave him the answer which felt surprisingly embarrassing.

“MY Micah.”

Oh dear heavens. This was such a cheesy moment. I could not believe why though. William seemed totally unaffected, unlike me, by his attempt. It was just something fascinatingly warm about his choice of words.

I smiled and let my face show again. Giving him what he was waiting for.

“My William.” I said in a small voice. Not daring to look at him at the moment.

I could hear him draw an exaggerated breath as my words got to him. Was he really that happy about it? I felt warm inside.

“MY Micah.” He responded, mouth hanging open in an astonished way.

“My…” He tried again.

“My?” He said in a questioning voice.

I was surprised as he started to fold his hands around me. For an instant, everything went dark. By the next one, I was held up against rough fabric with his large hands behind me.

I was facing along the fabric, surprised to say the least. He needed to put so little effort in moving me that it was almost astonishing all together. Could he even feel my weight against his hands? I was amazed by how elegantly he had moved them around me just now. I could relax, as it did not feel as if he even could drop me at all.

I leaned my head against his chest for a short moment, but soon noticed how I was being watched. I instantly looked up, pushing for one of his fingers to allow me some space in order to do so.

Sure as I had sensed, he was looking down at me.

I looked at him questionly, angle a bit awkward. What did he want to tell me? What was his intention with this move? I soon understood. Or at least thought that I did.

“MY.” He said. Putting some pressure on my back as he said the word.

The side of my face was pinned to his chest once more, along with the rest of me of course. But I was not scared. I was laughing quietly to myself as I felt the little jump which Williams heart made as he uttered the word. Was he serious? DID he understand the word? Where have he learnt it to begin with?

I pressed myself away from his chest this time, throwing out my arms as I tried to escape his hands a little.

“Yeah, yeah, sure! Sure, I´m yours. I´m yours!” I uttered as I struggled against his grip. Hitting his chest in pretended agony and giggling as he did not let me go even the slightest. He held me at place, just like before.

However, a sudden thought hit me once I felt laughter growing from within his chest as well to the rather amusing moment unfolded. Was I a “girl”, or what? Why was this so embarrassingly fun?

What on earth was on my mind up at the moment?!

Surely he meant it as a pet or something... One did not normally own a person? Did they?

Good feeling gone.

I was frozen to the spot and felt how even William grew silent around me, now holding a rather limp ball of confusion in his hands.

“Micah?” It had not taken him long to grasp that something bothered me.  

I heard the rumbles from within his chest more than his actual voice this time. Leaning my head against him with a blank expression across my face, my mind let me escape the moment for a while.

Thankfully, he did not bring me back up again, but instead readjusted his hands a little so that he could hold me even tighter. Respecting the event. Warming me from both his hand and chest as he kept his silence.

“You know I am not a pet, do you?” I whispered. Face buried within his shirt. I felt how a sense of dirt, forest and… William filled my nose. A pleasant scent which I had not recalled earlier.

“Please don´t see me as a hamster, or something… I cannot stand the thought.”


A moment passed where we did little at all before I drew a deep breath. Ending the moment of whatever I could have called it.

Whatever it was, I was thankful that I had gotten some space, or so to say. William had just held me in what could almost be interpreted as a tight hug, and kept his silence throughout the whole thing.

I pushed myself away from him, noticing the morning light reaching in on us from the east.

“William? Up.”

“There.” I said. Not wanting to looking at him, I could only point in the direction of the lake. Hoping for him to put the pieces together on his own.

Sure enough, my command was understood after a while of silent considerations, as William turned and looked in the direction to which I was pointing.

He looked down on me a moment later, I could tell, and let one hand wander down to the grass as he got too his feet.

I held the fabric in tight fists and closed my eyes as he got up, but then dared to look over his fingers as I felt the wagging motion of his walk begin.

My face was still saddened by my previous conflict of mind, but how could I stay this way? I was flying above the trees with a warm heart beating against my own, coming from a creature which only seemed to care about me in this whole world.

A deep sigh left me as I let myself get swept away by the almost magical feeling.

Whatever this was, I would treasure every moment of it.


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